To the Overwhelmed Brides-To-Be wanting to feel their best in their wedding photos

Learn how to cultivate confidence for your wedding(and life) in just 5 days without feeling fake, inauthentic or misaligned with The Badass Bride's Confidence Code

Quit letting your lack of confidence keep you from doing all you’ve dreamt of doing for your wedding....

Whether it's wanting to wear a specific style of dress(or something else)

Showing off a side of your personality that you try to keep quiet and contained(from fear of judgement),

Or even self-doubts that peek out and say "Who am I to think I deserve to be truly happy?"

Your confidence, or lack thereof, will be a big contributing factor to how much you'll enjoy your wedding.

The good news? I've put together an easy to live by code on how you can implement simple actions and practices into your everyday life to boost your confidence quickly.

You can start to build confidence for your wedding right now and break free from the crippling self-doubt and shame cycle so you can enjoy your day fully present and empowered(without feeling unworthy or having nagging body image thoughts that drag you down.)

Introducing... The Badass Bride's Confidence Code


For only $47

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As exciting as your wedding is, such a joyous occasion could be hindered, not enjoyed to the fullest or even DREADED if you're not feeling strong, comfortable and confident in your skin.

The last thing I’d want for any bride is for them to cringe at their wedding photos and have it be a constant reminder of failure, unhappiness, contentment or settling because they weren't feeling confident enough to do what mattered most to them.

This doesn't have to be you.

Inside The Badass Bride's Confidence Code, you'll learn the 9 rule secret code to live by that allows you to excitedly do more of what lights your soul on fire without fear of judgement so you can confidently embrace who you are, not who you think you "should be."(in ways you can feel good about and are aligned with you.)

Tell me if these sound familiar

You constantly size up other women when you walk into a room, then suffer from compare and despair and think "I'll never be as confident as her."

You agree with the unkind voices in your head then stop right in your tracks from making decisions(even if it's something you want.)

You feel like you're not good enough yet to try new things and think "I'll do that when I feel more confident."

You feel like there's an unspoken competition with other women that you're losing because you don't feel like you're enough.

You might not have even started the dress process yet because you're frozen in fear from confidence/body image issues.


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making wedding decisions that light your soul on fire and that feel good to you without considering what anyone else thinks.

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thinking "My confidence doesn't come from my looks or size, but from how much I like(or even love) myself."

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instead of trying to shield yourself in photos or duck out the way, you confidently stand there and invite all the flicks and shutters(duck face, peace sign, whatever!)

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walking into a room and feeling happy and empowered by another woman, not threatened or challenged.

Imagine how much happier you'd be for your wedding if "but what would they think?" didn't drive any of your decisions?

Sounds great, but who made this thing?

What's good? I'm Dorian "Gambit" J- The Bridal Architect and creator of The Badass Bride's Confidence Code.

I'm a 90's culture enthusiast, board game addict, recipient of 2 Dundie Awards and Kelly Clarkson lives rent free in my brain. I've been featured in ABC, NBC, and CBS if that type of stuff is important to you.

But more importantly, I'm a lover of weddings and a fitness and body image coach for Overwhelmed Brides-To-Be so they can be fully present on their day without nagging food or negative body thoughts.

It is my mission to create a society where it's normal for Overwhelmed Brides-To-Be just like you to feel empowered, confident, happy, healthy and like a badass on their wedding day- independent of societal "should" bullshit, ideals and pressures.

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I was even asked by The Knot to contribute about confidence building for to-be weds, so ya know.. Check off some credibility markers in your head.

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Who is The Badass Bride's Confidence Code for?

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The Overwhelmed Bride-To-Be who feels they can't relax and be their most authentic self because they're too concerned what people will think...

You'll learn how to stay aligned with what matters most so you can stay true to yourself while you build your confidence.

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The Overwhelmed Bride-To-Be who wants to step into this next phase of life happier, more empowered and more badass than ever.

You'll learn how to stop determining your self-worth from your appearance so you can realize and value your inner strengths.

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The Overwhelmed Bride-To-Be who is feeling insecure in what they'll be wearing on their wedding day and thinks they need to "look a certain way" to feel confident.

You'll learn the body gratitude practice to shift into confident mode right now.(these work even if you'd like to look differently for your wedding.)

Whether you're newly engaged, months in, or even years in... If you're wanting to feel your most confident for your wedding, learn and live by The Badass Bride Confidence Code.

Here's what you'll learn inside The Badass Bride's Confidence Code

Learn how your confidence got messed up in the first place and how a lack of it negatively impacts your life.

Learn the common beliefs that are applying the pressure on you to look a certain way for your wedding day and how to reduce its influence on how you feel about yourself.

Get to not only know yourself intimately, but understand who you are, your emotions and your desires so you can lay down your new standard for confidence(and happily refuse others')

Learn how to accept yourself(despite your past or mistakes) so you can bust self-doubt and make-over your self-image

Wrap up your personality with your confidence and tie it together in one, nice authentic bow so you can share your drip with the world(whilst not giving a fuck)

Did I mention that you can start feeling more confident for your wedding in just 5 days?

Fah real, you can feel improvements that quickly.

Feel more empowered? Yup.

Start to feel self-doubt melt away? Indubitably.

Have your insecurities take a hike? Fo rizzle.

If you think the only ways to improving your confidence and body image is trying to hate yourself healthy or hypnotize yourself for "loving your flaws"

Following The Badass Bride's Confidence Code helps you to cultivate genuine feelings of respect and self-love for your body and life without feeling like a liar or harshly criticizing yourself.

What you get when you snag The Badass Bride Confidence Code

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The Badass Bride Confidence Code Masterclass

After watching this Masterclass, you'll learn the 9 rules of The Badass Bride's Confidence Code and how to implement them immediately to help build your confidence and transform how you view yourself without feeling overwhelmed.

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Badass Bride Confidence Code Playlist

These songs will light a fire under your ass where you’ll feel the unconfident melt away while confidence wraps you up like a PACKED, snuggly, burrito.

This is the soundtrack that all the Best Badass Bride’s be bumpin’

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Poppin' Polaroid Exercise

It might seem hard to visualize you being confident for your wedding so let's shake things up like a Polaroid!

The poppin’ polaroid exercise helps you step into the future and change the past in your favor(which is technically the present, but you also don’t have to worry about seducing a parent or changing the world because you stepped on a bug.)

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Confidence Checklist

Are you behaving authentically? Check yaself…

Make sure that you consult these questions on a daily basis to ensure that you’re killin’ the confidence game

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Wedding Writings

These 7 journal prompts help you to discover more about yourself to where you'll think “who the fuck is anyone to dispute this about me?”

And once you know yourself without a shadow of a doubt, the confidence becomes so much easier.

These writings are like your own Badass Bride Guide on how you are.(As told by you)

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Supercharge Self-Confidence Stories Workshop

Learn the 3 stories shaping your outlook of confidence right now(for better or worse) and how to rewrite them in a way to create permanent change in your confidence levels.

Damn, that's a lot of stuff for just $47?

I know, right? The Badass Bride Confidence Code is worth so much more..

I mean, it'll help you feel more confident-in the short-term(for your wedding) and long-term(for life)

My goal here was to make this a total no-brainer for you because these tools and resources have the power to change your life and help you truly step into confidenceland immediately.

Feeling more confident will help your wedding be that much more enjoyable and exciting(in this already beaming time) where lacking confidence brings a degree of dread and anxiety..

We want a big ol’ Mac and Cheesy, Kool-Aid smile during the wedding, not the “feeling small, avert your gaze” feeling!

I don't want you to be distracted by rude, nasty, self-deprecating thoughts on your wedding day. I want you to feel more confident by the end of the day you sign up for The Badass Bride's Confidence Code.

I've priced it low so you can get rolling and take impactful action steps to start feeling your confidence meter rise up so when your wedding day rolls around, you’ll be able to confidently stand in your power unapologetically yourself.

Imagine where you could be a week from now?

Or a month?

Or even on the path to your wedding maybe next year?

This is a program that will provide you the skills and resources to help you build confidence and start the self-love process so you can live authentically, start accepting yourself without judgement and bouquet toss self-doubt and comparison out the window in just 5 days.

It's not a "pat on the back, short lived confidence boost" where you go back to how you felt.

You'll learn how to continuously build your confidence muscle and flex your doubt away, leading to permanent improvement.

No longer worrying about other's perception of you on your wedding day.

Not feeling inadequate or "less than" when you want to do something you're passionate about.

Not feeling like you have to cover up or hide your true self.

No longer playing small for your wedding(or life) because you're finally secure in how you feel.

So here's the deal... Your wedding will happen whether you invest or not. If feeling more confident for your wedding is on your list, this is the thing to help you.

And it won't be $47 forever. Be sure to lock in this low price today.

F.A.Q's about The Badass Bride Confidence Code

"But Confidence Doesn't Happen For Someone Like Me"

Confidence isn’t a look, it’s a feeling! It’s similar to building muscle. Build that shiz by continually putting in reps. You start where you are, and use what you have so you can raise the stakes as you improve! The Masterclass will help you take small, but meaningful steps forward to building your confidence muscle.

Okay, but I worry I can't be my most authentic self! I'm too concerned what people will think if I do what I want.

That mindset can be crippling, but it does come from a place of The Overwhelmed Bride-To-Be. It’s human nature to have some thoughts and reservations about what other people may think, but The Best Badass Bride steps into their confidence so if other people do have thoughts about you, you can just shrug it off because it won’t have a big impact.

It’s like you hopping into a rubber wedding dress and stares and criticism bounce off ya!

Or, a bulletproof wedding dress where jeers don't break you.

Being yourself in spite of what other people may think screams confidence, yes?

I don’t even know where to start improving confidence, I’ve felt unconfident for a while...

This is similar to the “start where you are, use what you have.” Yes, we all have stories we tell ourselves. Most times they’re not rooted in fact.

Knowing this allows you the power to rewrite your story… About your body and about yourself. Practicing that power is, well, empowering.. Which helps to cultivate feelings of confidence. You learn how to do rewrite your stories inside The Badass Bride Confidence Code.

"What if I can't do it?"

Much like the “I worry I can’t be my most authentic self”, this mostly comes from a mindset.

Inside The Badass Bride’s Confidence Code, we focus on the difference between “I can’t” and “I’m willing to try” and to make it as easy as possible with my "4 Somethings Goal Setting framework." By the end of 5 days, you'll be able to make significant, worthwhile progress at the end of each day without feeling overwhelmed. Instead of “what if I can’t do it?” What if it were “I’m willing to try” and once you try, you actually do it?

“I don’t have the time”

When I hear this, I hear “It’s not a priority to me.” And straight up, it might not be.

If you’re in a spot where you’re being kept up at night and are legit feeling some degrees of dread for your wedding because of how you think you’ll look and feel… You’ll probably magically find the time to go through this.

You’ll reduce your IG usage, say "no" to plans, or bite the bullet and watch one less Netflix episode to go through this.?

You'll do whatever you're able to because it’s too painful to stay where you are right now- obsessing over "flaws", not relaxing, constantly body checking, and feeling pressure to be “perfect” for your wedding when all you want is to feel at peace in your body. You’ll make the time.

The bulk of the time will be The Masterclass, then each action item shouldn't take longer than 20 mins.

How soon can I get started? When do I get access?

Throw this in your virtual cart, check out and you receive The Badass Bride Confidence Code, no initiation ritual or secret handshakes necessary.

This is a self-paced, instant access training. After sign-up, you get everything delivered to your inbox within about 15 minutes.

Start today, and feel more confident immediately. Binge it and feel more confident in less than 5 days if you so choose.

Learn The Badass Bride Confidence Code today and learn how to cultivate confidence for your wedding(and life) in less than 5 days

Grab The Badass Bride Confidence Code today


Now only $47

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Lock in this low price, it won't last forever.



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